Census Information Center

The NCAI Policy Research Center was designated a Census Information Center (CIC) in 2006. Designation as a CIC facilitates the NCAI Policy Research Center’s ability to provide tribal leaders across the United States the best available knowledge, specifically increasing access to Census information and data products to use for research, planning, and decision-making purposes. CICs are recognized as official sources of demographic, economic, and social statistics produced by the Census Bureau and provide training and technical assistance to interested data users. If you have any questions, contact Amber Ebarb at 202-466-7767 or aebarb@ncai.org.

Census Data Request Form

If you would like to request specific Census information from the NCAI Policy Research, please complete and submit the following form.

Census Data Portal for American Indians/Alaska Natives

This section provides links to the official Census data portal for tribal communities and individuals, which synthesizes all the tribal-specific Census data sets and files from the 1990 and 2000 decennial censuses. This section also provides contact information for tribal-serving Census Information Centers across the country as well as information on the 2010 tribal consultation/working group meetings held in 2008 and 2009.

NCAI Fact Sheets and Analysis of the Census in Indian Country

This section includes NCAI fact sheets, special tabulations for tribes, testimony, and analysis of the 2010 Census plans for Indian Country.

Census Reports on American Indians and Alaska Natives

This section includes official reports from the Census Bureau that specifically relate to American Indians and Alaska Natives

Census Ethnographic Research on Indian Country

These are ethnographic research reports conducted by the Census Bureau's Statistical Research Division on the implementation of the census activities in Indian Country.